Player Character Armor Class

Players roll to avoid being hit in my games, rather than me rolling for your enemies to hit. What this means is this: If a monster makes an attack on a player character, the player must roll over their AC + the monster's FA (fighting ability, usually the same as its Hit Dice) on a d20.

Ritual Magic

PCs can cast any spell in their repertoire (spell book, prayer book, etc.) with a ritual, even if they haven't prepared/memorized that spell that day. Doing so takes time, 1d4 turns per level of the spell.

Shields Shall Be Splintered

Any time you take damage in combat you can opt to sacrifice your shield to avoid it.
Magic shields can absorb multiple blows (an extra one for each plus, subtracting the bonus accordingly), but will be destroyed once its limit is reached.

Spout Lore

Adapted from Dungeon World, ©2012, Sage LaTorra, Adam Koebel

When the PC consults their accumulated knowledge about something, the player makes a non-standard resolution check (a d6 roll). The referee will ask “How might you know this?” The credibility of the player's answer informs the chance-in-6 of succeeding (from 0:6 to 3:6).

If successful, the referee will reveal something interesting and useful about the subject relevant to the situation, even if they have to make it up on the spot. If the roll fails by 1, the GM will still reveal something interesting—but it’s on the player to make it useful. On a miss something bad might happen, often involving the time the PC takes thinking, but cannot be a lie, or misinformation (the player knows if they succeeded anyway).

A bard's "folklore" ability may operate on this mechanic, either receiving a bonus of +1/+2; or the ability to answer "because I'm a bard" to the referee's "how might you know this."

Additional Equipment

Adapted from Bloody Basic – Weird Fantasy Edition, ©2015, John M. Stater. Author: John M. Stater.

Armor AC DR
Weight MV
Aketon, gambeson, ichcahuipilli 8 1 10 40
50 gp
Haubergeon, jazerant (chain shirt) 7 1 10 40
100 gp
Disk armor, mirror armor 6 0 15 40 25 gp
Rough hide, bone, shell (crocodile, rhino, giant tortoise, etc. ) 5 2 30 30
200 gp
Jack of plate, breastplate 4 1 30 30
150 gp
Brigandine 3 1 35 30
300 gp
Helms Spell Failure
Tusk Helmet +1 0 1 1:6 15 gp
Aventail, sallet, mail coif, morion, or casque (helm) +1 0 2 2:6
7 gp
Bascinet, heaume, or barbute (helm & visor or mask) +2 0 3 3:6
15 gp

Mêlée AC Missile AC Weight
Wicker shield (gerrha) +2 +0 5 7 gp
Hourglass shield, figure-of-eight shield +2 +2 7 10 gp

Melee Weapon WC Damage Weight Cost As...
Cinquedea 1 1d4+2 2 15 gp Short Sword
Cutlass 1 1d6+1 3 12 gp Short Scimitar
Estoc (tuck)1 1 1d4+1 2 15 gp Short Sword
Flambard 2 1d6+2 (1d8+2) 5 25 gp Long sword
Holy water sprinkler2 2 1d8 4 10 gp Horseman's Flail
Khopesh3 2 1d6+1 (1d8+1) 4 20 gp Scimitar
Crescent axe 3 1d10 (2d6) 8 20 gp Great Axe

1 ignores 1 point of DR from worn armor.

2 Ignores AC bonus provided by opponent’s shield (if any).

3 disarms as flail, i.e. at -2 attack penalty.