Domains: Predation, poison, darkness, lust, eroticism, perversion, obsession, succubi
Favored Weapon: Stiletto
Symbol: A crown radiating spearhead-shaped flanges
Worshipers: Assassins, prostitutes, sexual criminals, illusionists, witches, vampires, gorgons, hags, harpies, lamiae, succubi
Priestly Boon: At 1st level, once per day can cast disguise self. At 12th level once daily vampiric touch.

Queen of Perdition, Goddess of All Iniquities, Our Lady in Shadow

Lady Alila appears in her true shape as a curvaceous succubus, wearing her dark hair in a complex bouffant of horns. Her feet end in raptorial talons, glowing runes cover her feathered wings, and a cluster of eelish, thorny tails writhe from her backside. However, Alila often shifts her form to meet the deepest, darkest desires of those observing her. She emerges in the myths and parables surrounding the NEUNNAKI, but as an outsider to their pantheon.

Alila is worshiped across Zothique, by men and monsters. A cruel sadist on one hand, and a seductive beauty on the other, she is a patron to libertines, rapists, killers and succubi (both literal and figurative). She is invoked by those monstrous predators only ever encountered in female form who sully and feast on men. Throughout the ages, Alila has been fallaciously associated with motherhood and feminine liberty—but she despises children, and the only freedom she endorses is wantonness. She is no friend to abused women, who are simpering weaklings in the eyes of the Goddess of All Iniquities. Better are those who transcend puritan sentiments of sex and flesh; and use their bodies as instruments of subversion.

"They will put her through paces she never dreamed of! She is too soft to endure what I have thrived on. I am a daughter of Luxur, and before I had known fifteen summers I had been led through the temples of Derketo, the dusky goddess, and had been initiated into the mysteries,"—The Slithering Shadow, R. E. Howard

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